JOBORN Machinery Co. was founded over two decades ago and is a specialized manufacturer of stone processing equipment. Our best selling products include our infrared stone cutting machines, bridge stone center cutting machines, combined stone cutting saws, and automatic stone profiling machines. In addition to stone cutting equipment, we also provide customers with high quality grinding and calibrating machinery. We have an outstanding R&D team who work hard to provide customers with new and innovative stone processing solutions based on thorough market research and engineering. Our equipment is sold in countries all over the world and is certified by the appropriate governing bodies. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!

Main Products
    1. Stone Cutting Machine
    2. Stone Cutting Machine The key parts of the bridge stone cutting machine are all from high quality suppliers. The stone cutting machine has high cutting efficiency, high cutting precision, high stability and easy operation, which is suitable for all kinds of stone processing factories.
    1. Stone Polishing Machine
    2. Stone Polishing Machine Stone polishing machine of our company has the advantages of other similar products in the world, which makes it suitable for granite surface polishing. V-belt is adopted to transmit power, which greatly reduced the power wastage and prolonged the service life.
    1. Automatic Stone Profiling Machine
    2. Automatic Stone Profiling Machine Automatic stone profiling machine can process marble, granite, artificial stone and more. The machine can cut stone in straight lines or arced lines. The size of finished workpieces can reach up to 3m x 1.3m.
    1. Stone Calibrating Machine
    2. Stone Calibrating Machine The SAC series stone continuous calibrating machine features many calibrating heads, which can be two to six according to customer requirements, so the machine can complete multi-level operations with higher efficiency.